• Tranquil Mist Toner

Tranquil Mist Toner

Instantly soothe signs of redness, tingling or other symptoms of irritation with this unique anti-aging cream. The tranquil mist toner consists of soothing kola, matte, and guarana extracts proven in laboratory tests to effectively reduce or eliminate feelings of discomfort associated with a wide range of natural or man-made elements, including AHA treatments, high SPF sunscreens, extremely dry climates and airborne contaminants such as smog or cigarette smoke.

Exceptionally soothing licorice extracts have been shown to inhibit destructive effects of skin irritation that causes tissue breakdown and premature skin aging. It instantly calms skin and soothes symptoms of inflammation.

A base of hydrating and calming aloe barbadensis completes the delivery of this quick-soothing mist. May be used after professinal AHA treatments as a soothing post-spray. Spray over blotchy or easily irritated skin as needed to calm throughout the day. An excellent soothing toner for sunburn or UV-exposed skin. Use as a toner for stressed or easily irritated skin. Excellent over makeup: sets powder, instantly revives color.