Multiple Fruit Acid Mask

  • $48.00

Naturally exfoliating fruit acids and salicylic acid are blended with absorbent mineral clays and soothing White Tea to reveal fresh, healthy and youthful looking skin without irritation.  Helps clear blemishes as it absorbs unwanted oils. 


Lactic acid:  mild exfoliant from molasses.  Promotes maximum cell turnover with minimum irritation; clinically proven more effective than other lactic acids

Arbutin: protect the skin against damage caused by free radicals. A natural double action whitening and lightening agent

Lemon and passionflower fruit: natural whole fruit extracts 

Kola, matte and guarana: Plant complex proven to measurably reduce or eliminate the stinging, tingling and burning sensations associated with alpha hydroxy acids.

Bentonite and titanium dioxide:  highly absorbent mineral clays, help remove excess oil and other unwanted debris from pores