CC Skin Perfector 23 (Light Medium)

  • $55.00

UV Protection +Brightening + Anti- Wrinkle

Ultra-lightweight formula delivers color correction, hydration, and UVA/UVB protection in a matter of seconds. Using state of the art special “CC” optics, tiny lavender beads work with light as it transforms any yellow undertones into a peachy glow, gets rid of any red, and enhances skin’s natural radiance- leaving your skin looking and feeling smooth, luminous, and flawless.


Why color correcting optics?

 After you begin using Karen’s CC Skin Perfector you will immediately notice a dramatic change in how your skin looks. That’s because your skin’s undertones keep changing while using Karen’s CC Skin Perfector. Our special color correcting optics helps conceal imperfections such as dullness, shallowness, and uneven skin tone to enhance skin’s natural radiance. Moisture surge hydration and a UVA/UVB sunscreen are added to provide an extra layer of skin protection from harmful UV rays while providing lightweight and natural looking coverage for a more effortless and flawless look.