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Devoted to promoting healthy and naturally radiant skin, Karen's products are enhanced with beautifying vitamins, natural antioxidants, healing botanicals, plant emollients, and organic plant and fruit extracts. All extracts and oils are high potency and high quality ingredients for gentle yet effective support of skin's natural regenerative capabilities needed for naturally radiant and flawless skin. Karen's products are designed to repair, renew, and replenish the skin while supporting cellular health and providing nourishment and protection of the skin.

Non-toxic, all natural ingredients promotes skin's health, vitality, and energy for long lasting, permanent repair and restoration from the inside out. Absolutely no synthetic chemicals, parabens, chemical preservatives, harsh detergents, or any other unhealthy toxins are used resulting in skin at its most radiant, beautiful, and natural state. Karen's strong belief that healthy skin is the foundation for beautiful skin, leads her to continue her passion of giving each product and ingredient the utmost care and attention to even the most minute details so that exceptional quality can always be expected. Truly natural skin care products are made with organic ingredients just as nature intended, and just as they are good for the skin and body, they are also environmentally friendly.