Acne Treatment Package

  • $150.00
  • $167.00
Highly effective clarifying deep-cleansing treatment exclusively designed to control signs of acne.
The following listed products are recommened for acne treatment to reduce inflammation, redness, irritation, and oiliness as these products protect the skin and help prevent further damage.

1. Clarifying Skin Cleanser - Purifies within the pore where signs of acne begin, dissolves surface oil, and the sulfate-free formula leaves skin soft and supple, not dry and tight, and cleans better than soap.
2. Clarifying Astringent - Purifies within the pores to decrease breakouts, counteracts visible signs of redness common in acne-prone skin, gently dissolves clogged pores, and helps normalize the skin's surface over time with regular use.
3. Breakout Control Serum - Dries out blemishes fast without the irritating side effects, supports skin's self-repair processes, seals over blemishes to protect from pollutants and makeup.
4. Tranquil White Tea Complex - Relieves signs of tingling, stinging and other discomfort on skin contact, eases appearance of redness within minutes, comforts reactions to AHAs, Vitamin C, sunscreens and other irritants, calms skin after waxing, tweezing, sun burn or exposure, and helps reduce signs of chronic sensitivity and results of unseen inflammation that leads to aging skin.
5. Clarifying Skin Formula - Reveals clear, healthy and younger looking skin, pores look smaller and refined, skin stays calm and vibrant during treatment, and goes to work instantly with visible results within a few days.