AHA/ Skin Prep Cleanser

  • $37.50
Gentle foaming and deep cleansing gel with a triple fruit acid blend of lactic, citric, and tartaric acids stimulates exfoliation of surface skin cells- quickly sweeping away any unwanted residue that can clog pores and prevent absorption of AHAs and other beneficial ingredients while keeping skin hydrated and promoting cellular renewal, improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Makes leave-on skin treatments much more effective and leaves skin feeling refreshed, supple, and remarkably clean.


Lactic Acid:  mild exfoliant

Lemon Extract: naturally mild exfoliant

Passionflower Fruit Extract: natural whole fruit sources of citric, lactic and tartaric AHAs

Chamomile Extract: exceptionally soothing and hydrating herbal extract

Ahnfeltia Concinna Extract (Algae Peptides): improves hydration, firmness and elasticity; helps reduce fine lines