Breakout Control Starter Set (Value 265)

  • $110.00
  • $265.00

Fight and control breakouts with our acne line best sellers for smooth skin that glows. 

1. Gently cleanse with our oil dissolving Clarifying Skin Cleanser to purify and refresh your skin 

2. Apply a small amount of our Clarifying Astringent with cotton pads or hands to dissolve surface oils and tighten pores

3. For spot treatments apply a small amount of our Acne Boosting Gel over problem areas such as blemishes or where you feel a blemish forming 

4. Evenly apply our Clarifying Skin Formula to exfoliate as it melts away dulling dead cells, revealing clear, healthy-looking skin

5. Apply Shine Free Moisturizer all over face for deep hydration and oil control