• Swiss Apple Anti Wrinkle Eye Crème

Swiss Apple Anti Wrinkle Eye Crème

Swiss Apple Anti-Wrinkle Eye Crème is a face moisturizer with malus fruit cell culture extract and hydrolyzed pea protein that uses liposome as its time-released delivery system, targeting around the eye areas to reveal firmer, fresher, and more moisturized skin. In this way it effectively delays the skin’s aging process by repairing skin’s DNA while protecting and increasing stem cell count, dramatically improving the skin’s natural regenerative processes. Deep lines are eased, firmness is restored, and your skin’s DNA is repaired to protect and increase your stem cells and dramatically improve your skin’s natural regenerative processes.

Caviar extract is excellent for soothing and calming skin irritation and inflammation. It conditions the properties of cell metabolism and skin hydration, moisturizing, re-mineralizing skin protective verdures. It also helps to restore suppleness, smoothness, and activates the metabolism, thus improving the general aspect of the epidermis. Skin will appear more youthful, smooth, firm, and radiant.